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God I Just want to Lay Down

these colors make my eyes hurt

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graphics by woochann
*bearrs has moved her graphics to barbieaters please go there for new icon posts
Hello and welcome to tangertea. I am the owner and founder of this community and I post mainly icons, but will sometimes post random whatevers relating to graphic necessities. If looking for something specific don't hesitate to pop on over to the tags.

rules of use;
»don't hotlink (aka right click then copy url).
»always credit bearrs OR tangertea.
»icons are NEVER bases (with or without text) unless otherwise stated.
»comments are love but are not required for your enjoyment.

fanart disclaimer;
»while I ask for credit I am only asking credit for making the icon/graphic. NOT the image/stock/picture/scan etc (unless otherwise stated). For that PLEASE credit the artist. Please understand that I can't always get permission for the fanarts. I ask that you don't bring up the credit of fanartists for fanart icons. By request of you, the user, I can track down the source of a picture (to the best of my ability-mind you), but please only demand credit for art that you drew yourself instead of demanding credit for someone else. 9/10ths of the time I get these pictures from places like gelbooru or 4chan, I can't track down the artist of every piece for copyrights. If this continues to become a problem I will not do fanart icons anymore.